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Build an accounting firm for yourself

Are you an ambitious CPA / CA qualified accountant, who is working in a firm or a corporation?

Or, you’ve already running your small practice but struggle with staffing, knowledge, office, licence or marketing?

Your choice is to build your own practice and maintain your freedom. But that doesn’t mean you stand alone. Leverage the power of “Tax Ideas” “Planning Ideas” “Finance Ideas” and “Realty Ideas”, and provide holistic services to your clients. 

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Traditional Vs Tax Ideas

You join an accounting firm as a graduate working hard, then you are promoted every 1-2 years if everything is going well. Your career looks like this: Graduate – > Light Intermediate -> heavy Intermediate -> Light Senior -> Heavy Senior -> Supervisor – > Manager -> Associate Director -> Principal -> Partner

You join a business as an internal accountant start with data entry, then reporting and then still reporting …

You wanted a career path to achieve your goals, while the organisations need you to achieve their goals.  

What are your goals? Knowledge? Experience? Title? Licence? Waterview office? Deal with clients? Or simply work / life balance?

You can’t achieve your goals “before” your employers achieve theirs. The relationship of employees and employers doomed only “One” winner. But, what if you work “with” partners instead of working “for” bosses?

There are many franchise options on the market, who charges between $20k to $70k. Think again! Are you really working for yourself? Who is the owner of the clients? Do you have voting power in the brand direction? What do you get when they are bigger? …

Tax Ideas Allied Partners program is a revolution and designed to achieve our goals together. Become an Allied Partner now, and work with the partners, not the bosses. We have solutions for the ambitious accountants with easy 3 stages. The cost varies from only $10k to $30k depends on the stage. Let’s hit the target faster together!

We are Different

So you can be better off !

1. Tax Agent

We help you become a tax agent, so you can run your accounting firm.

2. Clients

We connect you with the clients, so you can focus on what your good at.

3. Equity

You become an equity partner once you have $500k client base.

Why Join Us?

Panbo Ye

Panbo Ye founded Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers in 2016 with 0 client and 0 fee income. It's not an easy journey to start a business. He's been working 16 hours a day for 7 days just to survive in the first year. There are lots of noises and barriers, and focus is always an issue. Esther Gu joined Tax Ideas as a partner in 2018 and took over most tax related tasks, so Panbo could focus on perfecting the Ideas systems and offerings. He becomes a financial adviser in 2017 and started Planning Ideas. Today, The Ideas has 4 locations, 12 professoinals and almost 2,000 clients.

Gain Powerful
, start a New Journey

We provide accounting, financial planning and support services to help you start your next journey.

Connect Clients

Think Tank

Business Hub


Connect Clients
You are an accountant love what you do. Let the professionals take care of the rest.

Before you can do your job, it takes a marketer to push the brand messages; depends on the message, the right clients will be attracted to the firm; with days or even years of consideration and negotiation, the practice manager will start onboarding process and create a workflow; the job is assigned and lodged, but it is not the end. Customer service team will ensure the clients are engaged and taken care all the time using a CRM (they can be expensive). So the accountants are happy, so do the clients. Yeah, lots of efforts!

Have an own client base

Connect Clients

Just like our blood types, you can't match to all clients. We connect you with the right clients.

Think Tank
You have learnt knowledge at college, applied in your jobs, let's consolidate them together with Ideas!

No one can be an expert in all areas, and even an expert will need an enlightenment. Join the Ideas Family, so you can use our ideas and expertise, and we can use yours. Guess who the winner is? Yes, all of us, the accountants; the advisers; and the clients.

Let's share ideas and brainstorm

Think Tank

Now you know why we are The Ideas! Tax Ideas | Planning Ideas | Insurance Ideas | Finance Ideas | What's next idea?

Business Hub
We have all you need so you can be an Ideas Partner.

Office place, admin support, telephone lines, graduate to senior accountants, HR, IT support, etc. Pursue only your dream, we have solutions to all barriers.

A built network available now

Business Hub

An office? A desk? A conference room? Or mortgage brokers? Financial Advisers? Bank relationships? Yes, we have them all here.

Technology is everywhere nowadays, we love the cloud and have all our systems on the cloud.

The entry level of the accounting softwares can be expensives. For example, receipt bank itself cost $695 / month and Class system starts from $550 / month, and also Microsoft cloud; CCH iKnow etc. A efficient cloud accounting firm is paying more than $8,000 a month for its systems and it's only the entry levels.

Cloud is the future


We take away the entry barriers.


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