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We will help you to access and clarify the below questions:

  • What will your organisation try to achieve?
  • What will its main activities be?
  • What programs or services will you provide?
  • Who is your target audience?
    Who will benefit from the organisation’s 
  • activities and programs?
  • Why is there a need for this new organisation?
  • How long will your NFP organisation or charity last?
  • Will it be for a one-off short-term project or operating on an ongoing basis?

Helping You In The Pros And Cons


According to the ATO, a charity is an institution or fund established for a charitable purpose. Charitable funds mainly manage trust property, or hold trust property to make distributions to other entities or people. If the trustee mainly carries on activities that are charitable, the fund will be treated as a charitable institution and not as a charitable fund.

  • the relief of poverty or sickness or the needs of the aged
  • the advancement of religion
  • the advancement of education
  • the provision of child care services on a non-profit basis
  • other purposes beneficial to the community.
  • to be a charity,  you must be not-for-profit
  • have a charitable purpose
  • be for the public benefit benefit (other than where the charitable purpose is the relief of poverty).
  • You can …

Business Is Not About Profit Making, It's About Giving To Our Society.

Panbo Ye, Managing Partner, Tax Ideas

Plan Of Action

Know Your Goals

Do NOT trap yourself into selecting the best solution as there is no such thing. Each option is a double edge sword and there are pros and cons. It is important to know your goals before 

discovering solutions with us. What are your goals? Tip: pay less tax and earn more wealth are NOT goals, they are habits. 



Think about your goals and what you really need.  



Stick to your plan but don’t be stubbon. Do it right.



Review your plan, review the situation and adjust them accordingly.

You Are Not Alone

Our Professional Services Include:

We offer full accounting services including bookkeeping; tax planning and advisory; company financials; SMSF administration and more.
Our mortgage brokers are good negociators who find the best deals on the market for you. They work with your accountants and planners closely.
Our internal financial planners put your best interest at their heart. They are doing only one job - make you into a better position while achieve your goals.
Insurance plays a vital rule in your life. It provides certainties and help in the times you needed the most. Insurances can have strategies attached 🙂
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