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Paying Tax is a Duty, Paying More is Not

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Your job is to set a goal, and my job is to achieve it with strategies. 

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1. Tax Wellbeing Check
We will go through your previous tax return together to identify issues and oppotunities.

4. Prepare Tax Return
Your tax return will be prepared in house, we do not outsource our work to keep your privacy.

The Six Steps At Tax Ideas

2. Develop a Goal
Tax return is not about filling forms, it’s a process to achieve your goals. Better cash flow? More refund? More deductions?

5. Develop a plan
Your tax return can tell us a lot. So we know how to help you further. We will have strategies ready to improve your position for the coming year.

3. Collect data
We use technologies to collect data. Such as receipt bank and the portals, or it can be simple as emails.

6. Present and lodge it
Your tax return and the improvement plan will be presented to you either face to face or online. We will only lodge your return after you are happy with it.

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